Xmas-groove & timeless traditionals

Time to get into the Xmas-groove!
Be sure, it does not work with any artistic modern artwork! It just works with the old traditional music, hundreds of years old. Olthough some tried to do similar „masterpieces“ that should also get part of the big musicology-age archives and – more important! – the life and emotion of millions, there aint nothing like these! Ofcourse there are modern versions of ancient songs, some of them very touching, some of them embarrassing, but their basic is the composition that is hundreds of years old and that worked for hundreds of years!
Searching for a modern contemporary composition, that is used to get the right Xmas-groove, I failed! Sorry, dear friends of the contemporary arts!
Try to get into the Xmas-groove with the following!

International – english- Christmas-song „Hark! The Herald Angels Sing“, (Lyrics: George Whitfield, Music: Felix Medelssohn-Bartholdy) in 2 versions:

1.by Jewel

2. the classical-version from St. Paul’s Cathedral, London:

Traditional, german Christmas-Songs:
The Joung Tenors: „Es ist ein Ros entsprungen“

Melody: around Speyer, in the Year 1599
(original, Lyrics: Jesaja 11,1a):
Es ist ein‘ Ros‘ entsprungen
aus einer Wurzel zart;
wie uns die Alten sungen,
aus Jesse kam die Art
und hat ein Blümlein bracht
mitten im kalten Winter,
wohl zu der halben Nacht.

(english translation):
A rose sprang up
from a tender root;
as the ancients sang to us,
this variety came from Jesse
and produced a little flower
in the middle of cold winter,
at midnight no less.

(original, Lyrics by Michael Praetorius, 1571 – 1621):
Das Röslein das ich meine,
davon Jesaias sagt:
Maria ist’s, die Reine,
die uns das Blümlein bracht.
Aus Gottes ew’gen Rat
hat sie ein Kind geboren
wohl zu der halben Nacht.

(english translation):
The rose I mean
is the one Isaiah mentions:
it is Mary, the pure,
who produced the little flower.
By God’s eternal providence
she bore a child,
at midnight no less.

„Leise rieselt der Schnee“ written & composed by Eduard Ebel, around 1900
sung by Edita Gruberova

The most famous Xmas-song:
„Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht“ by Franz Xaver Gruber (music) und Joseph Mohr (lyrics) in 1818 on Christmas Eve in Oberndorf near Salzburg (Austria). It was translated in many languages and got traditionel in many countries outside Austria.

sung by the Vienna’s Boys Choir


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